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This guide presents information about copyright law. HS/HSL makes every effort to assure the accuracy of this information, but does not offer it as counsel or legal advice. Consult your own attorney for advice concerning your specific situation.

Fair Use

Fair Use is an exemption that allows for limited use of copyrighted materials for educational purposes.


The TEACH Act allows for some use of copyrighted materials for distance education.

Posting Copyright Material Online

Tutorial from the University of Maryland, Baltimore that discusses posting material online. 

Copyright & Privacy Guidelines for Recording Lectures

Duke University's Scholarly Communications Officer outlines the copyright and privacy issues to consider when recording lectures or classes for Internet distribution.

Obtaining Permissions

Resources that will help you gain permission to use copyrighted works.

Finding Images to Use for Instruction

There are freely available images that can be used for instruction on the web that you do not need to ask for copyright permissions to use.