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Baltimore MD 21201-1512

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RefWorks is a web-based personal citation manager that allows you to create, manage and organize a personal database of citations, generate reference lists in the citations style of your choice, and insert citations in your papers.

RefWorks Alumni Program

Alumni of University of Maryland, Baltimore have access to the RefWorks Alumni Program. As part of the program you have access to:

  • One free RefWorks Alumni Account
  • New updates and feature releases
  • 200 MB of file attachment storage
  • The Ability to share your folder or account via RefShare
  • Free web-based training from RefWorks
  • Technical support from RefWorks

Keep Email Up to Date

  • It is important to keep your email address information associated with your RefWorks account up to date.
  • You can update it with User Update Information under the Tools tab.
  • If RefWorks changes the Group Code for the Alumni site you will receive a notification via the email associated with your RefWorks Account.

Creating a RefWorks Alumni Account

1. Click here to go to RefWorks.

2. Click on Sign up for  a new account.

3. Click on the link not my institution near the top of the page.

4. Enter RWAlumni in the group code field and then complete the required fields.  Make sure to select University of Maryland, Baltimore  as your user type.

5. Click the Register button when finished. You will be brought into your new empty RefWorks account.

6. To login to the alumni account go to and click on login. You may be prompted to enter the group code RWAlumni.


If you have a current RefWorks account you can move that into your new Alumni Account

Backup and Restore Your Current RefWorks Account to Your Alumni Account

If you have a current RefWorks account but are leaving your institution you can move that content into your new Alumni Account using the Backup/Restore Feature in RefWorks to make a copy of your database, and any custom output styles you may have created. If you have any folders in your current RefWorks account without any references in them, they will not be saved.

Backing Up Your Current Account:

1.Login to your current RefWorks account

2. From either the Tools or References menu select Backup/Restore

3. By default Include References, Include RSS Feeds, and all custon Output Styles are selected to Backup. If you do not want to include any or all of these you can deselct them

4. Click on Perform Backup

5. Save the file when prompted. If you are not prompted to save the file, click the link that says Click here to save your backup file to download the backup to your computer

6. The default file name is a combination of your organization's Group Code and your login name. The file will be saved as a .zip or .rwb file. Please do not change the extension of the file, it is necessary to restore if you need to do so later.

Restore Your Account to your new Alumni Account:

1. Log in to your new RefWorks Alumbi Account

2. From either the Tools or References menu select Backup/Restore

3. Select the Restore option

4. Browse for the appropriate back up file

5. Select Include References, Include Output Styes, Include RSS Feeds as desired

6. Click on Perform Restore

Note: If you restore in an account any references in that database will be overwritten. If you put references in your Alumni Account before performing a backup any of those reference put in prior to the backup will be deleted during the overwrite. It is best to do the overwrite in an empty account.