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3D Scanning at the Innovation Space: How to 3D Scan with the NextEngine Scanner

How-To Guide for 3D Scanning

NextEngine Documentation and Use Guide

The high definition NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner is available at the HSHSL Innovation Space. There is no preset size limit to what can be scanned, as objects larger than the scanner's field of view can be assembled with its software.

This section contains information about NextEngine including links to technical specifications and documentation, and a step-by-step guide for scanning a physical object.


Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the NextEngine system are available as a pdf file (5.04 MB).

Go to the NextEngine specs



The NextEngine manual is available as a pdf file (7.14 MB).

*NOTE: While the manual provides useful information, the document contains errors (missing text, links that don't work, and layout problems). We recommend you start with Chapter 3, pages 33 - 63, as this content is consistent and describes how to use the NextEngine system.

Go to the NextEngine manual


Video tutorial

This is a short video that demonstrates how to use the NextEngine software and hardware.

The video is hosted in Dropbox. You can either:

  • Watch the video in your web browser if Adobe Flash is available, or
  • download it directly to your computer (16.8 MB).

*NOTE: start watching at the 5:00 minute mark where the tutorial begins (see the "Getting Started with ScanStudio HD" section).

Go to the NextEngine video



The NextEngine Wiki is available inside the ScanStudio software. To view it:

  1. Click the ScanStudio icon on the desktop of the computer connected to the NextEngine scanner.
  2. Select the "Help" menu.
  3. Select "Video, Articles, Live Chat...".