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Citation Managers: Mendeley

Learn more about EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero

About Mendeley

Mendeley is a free citation management tool from Elsevier. You can download the desktop version here. It also acts as a social platform to see what other scholars in your field are currently reading.

Mendeley allows you to grab webpages while you're browsing the internet and add those as citations in your library as well. It does include features to collaborate with others, but those are limited in the free version.

Importing from Mendeley to Zotero

Elsevier, the company that produces Mendeley, is promoting a new version of their product called Mendeley Reference Manager. In September 2022, the previous version − Mendeley Desktop − will no longer be available for download. Due to UMB’s IT security restrictions those who are using a UMB computer − or using Office via their UMB account − will not be able to download the citation tool for Mendeley Reference Manager.

This change could potentially cause problems for UMB campus members who use Mendeley.

To avoid some problems this could cause, you may want to move your citations from Mendeley to Zotero.

To import your Mendeley library and move it to Zotero, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that all data and files have been synced to Mendeley servers.
    • If you use Mendeley Desktop, check your sync settings to make sure that data and files are being synced, and confirm that you can open PDFs in your online Mendeley library.
    • If you use Mendeley Reference Manager, your data and files are already all online.
  2. Install Zotero 6, which contains the latest version of the importer as well as a new PDF reader that can display PDF annotations imported from Mendeley.
  3. Go to File → Import within Zotero and choose the “Mendeley Reference Manager (online import)” option.

For alternative methods, troubleshooting, and more information visit the Zotero Support page.

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