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Poster Printing: Poster Printing Steps

Information on HSHSL's poster printing service and how to set up your poster.

Poster Printing Steps


  1. Set up the dimensions of your poster.
    • You will need to manually do this before adding content to your poster.
    • Check with your instructor, conference website, etc. to determine what poster size you need.
    • If you are using a template provided by your department or instructor, double-check that the template's dimensions match your assignment.
    • Correctly Sizing your Poster
    • Please note: we do not double poster sizes. The dimensions you type into PowerPoint (or other software) are the dimensions your poster will be when printed. To learn how to double the dimensions of your poster, watch this video if you are using a PC, and this video if you are using a Mac.
  2. Add Content
    • Add text, graphs, images, etc. to your poster.
    • Adding content after you set up the poster dimensions eliminates the risk of having to resize your poster content.
  3. Save your poster.
    • In PowerPoint, click File then Save As.
      • In the Printer drop-down menu choose Adobe PDF.
        • This runs the poster through an Adobe printer driver and ensures the most error-free workflow through our printer.
      • Click Print
      • A dialog box will open, name your file and click Save.
    • Please take the extra step of opening your poster in Acrobat Reader to confirm that the PDF saved your desired dimensions.
    • Confused about saving your poster?
  4.  Fill out the Poster Print Request Form.
  5. Check your e-mail and Attach your PDF*
    • After you submit the Poster Print Request Form you will receive an e-mail containing a link with which you will attach your poster PDF.
  6. You will receive a confirmation that your PDF has been successfully submitted and that your poster will be printed.
  7. Once your poster has been printed you will receive an e-mail notification to pick up and pay for your poster at the Information Services desk. Printing may take up to two business days.

*If you are unsuccessful in attaching your PDF to this link or your PDF is incorrectly sized you will receive an e-mail asking you to fix and resubmit your attachment. Your poster will not be printed until you receive the confirmation e-mail described in Step Six.