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Children's Dental Health Books: Spanish Books

Spanish Book List

Brush, Floss, and Rinse/ Cepillate, usa hilo dental y enjuagate (Bilingual)

Amanda Doering Tourville

Picture Window Books; 2009

ISBN: 978-1-4048-6889-2

Key: FL, F, T, N, SP, AR


  • Mentions protection of teeth with mouthguards when playing contact sports
  • Mentions regular dental care
  • Current guidelines recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste for children (smear for under age 3, pea-size for 3 +)

NOTE: As of April 2020, may no longer be available from publisher.



Uso del hilo dental (Bilingual)

Mari Schuh

Capstone Press; 2012

ISBN: 978-1-4296-4600-0

Key: FL, M, DC, SP, AR


  • Provides an introduction to flossing
  • Image of flossing technique---provides teachable moment for emphasizing proper flossing technique
  • Depending on child's age and fine motor skills, parents should be encouraged to floss for and/or supervise a child flossing



Un diente esta flojo/ Loose Tooth (Bilingual)

Mari Schuh

Capstone Press; 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4296-4598-0

Key: M, AR, DC


  • Provides basic information about the process of losing a tooth, including food options while a tooth is loose
  • Includes large photographs
  • Also available in paperback



Antojitos para dientes sanos (Bilingual)

Mari Schuh

Capstone Press; 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4296-4599-7

Key: N, M, AR, DC


  • Provides information on how healthy foods make teeth and gums strong
  • Explains how poor food choices can harm teeth
  • Includes large photographs
  • Good for children 4+
  • Also available as an eBook



Mouth/ La boca (Bilingual)

Cynthia Klingel, Robert B. Noyed

Gareth Stevens Publishing; 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4339-3744-6

Key: M, AR


  • Basic introduction about the mouth and ways to keep it healthy
  • Simple wording and actual photographs
  • Also available in paperback



Max Va al Dentista

Adria F. Klein

Picture Window Books; 2007

ISBN: 978-1-4795-0539-5


  • Basic introduction to a dental visit; good for young children
  • Simple wording; may be good for children with special needs
  • Mentions brushing twice per day
  • Provides teachable moment that many offices also have a dental hygienist who is part of the dental staff team (dental hygienists typically complete the "cleanings")



Todo sobre los dientes (Bilingual)

Mari Schuh

Capstone Press; 2008

ISBN: 978-1429617840

Key: FL, M, AR


  • Provides basic information about teeth and ways to keep them healthy
  • Image of flossing technique---provides teachable moment for emphasizing proper flossing technique
  • Includes large photographs

NOTE: As of April 2020, this book is longer available for purchase.

Key to Abbreviations

FL = Flossing

F = Fluoride

T = Toothpaste Amount

N = Nutrition

M = Multicultural

SP = Available in Spanish

DC = Dental Consultant

AR = Additional Resources

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