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Project SHARE Curriculum

Student Health Advocates Redefining Empowerment

Activities To Enhance the Curriculum

These activities, which are not tied to a specific lesson, successfully engaged the students in the SHARE program.   We hope they work for you, too.


  • Advisory Committee - Form an advisory committee to assist with advocacy, communications, funding, and more.
  • Communication is Key - Let the community know what you’ve been doing.
  • Parental Involvement - Involve parents in their children’s experiences.
  • Kickoff Event - Invite participants' family members to encourage buy-in, open communication channels and build a community around the curriculum.

Out of the Classroom and Into the Community

  • Cultural Programming, Museums and Exhibits - Identify programs relevant to your learning objectives; visit libraries, museums, and special events.
  • Field Trip to Pharmacy or Drug Store - Give students hands-on experience in preparing for medical emergencies.
  • Organize a Student Run Health Fair - Expose students to community health advocacy by having them organize and manage a health fair at their school.

Celebrate Accomplishments and Teamwork

  • Capstone Celebration - Acknowledge hard work and commitment through a capstone event.
  • Walk Across America - Engage students as a team in a walking activity.


Other Activities

  • Guest Speakers -  Expose students to an assortment of viewpoints that add to the  classroom experience.
  • Journal Club - Discuss current issues related to health disparities, public health policies, and advocacy programs.