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Project SHARE Curriculum

Student Health Advocates Redefining Empowerment

Guest Speakers

 Add to the variety of classroom experiences by bringing in guest speakers.  Depending on your community, there may be many options for engaging speakers.  Here are ideas that we used in the SHARE program:

  • Faculty members involved in community outreach or who have worked with health disparity programs.
  • Staff from community-based organizations such as food banks or homeless shelters
  • Public health workers
  • Pharmacists
  • Farmers, especially those who farm organically or sustainably
  • Health activists in the community
  • Nutritionists
  • School Nurses
  • Funders of programs promoting health – what are they looking for in programs that they fund.
  • Librarians to speak about quality health information.

Journal Club

Review and discuss current articles on topics related to health disparities, public health policies, or advocacy programs. Each week, ask students to share a recent article they have read that might be related to the concepts and ideas covered by the curriculum. Journal Club can be organized one of two ways:

  • Every student brings in an article each week or,
  • Individual students are assigned weeks where they are responsible for the article and leading the discussion

The students should be prepared to share: 

  • Title of the article
  • How they located the article
  • Why it was important - is the article the result of a study?  Is it a new public policy?  How it relates to what they’ve learned.
  • Why it interests them.

Sources of articles:

  • Newspapers - print or online
  • Journals/Magazines - print or online
  • Credible online resources with updated heath news such as the National Library of Medicine's MedlinePlus or Diversity Healthworks.