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3D Printing at the Innovation Space: 2. Prepare Your 3D File and Correct Non-Manifold Geometry Issues

How-To Guide for 3D Printing

2. Prepare Your 3D File and Correct Non-Manifold Geometry Issues

Follow the steps below to successfully 3D print your model.

Recommended Reading

Save, Export, or Download .STL file

Correct Non-Manifold Geometry Issues


  • Is your 3D model size within the maximum build size of the 3D printer?
    • MakerBot Replicator 2X
      (Maximum Build Size: 24.6 L x 15.2 W x 15.5 H cm; Resolution: 100 micron/0.1 millimeter)
    • Afinia H480
      (Maximum Build Size: 140 x 140 x135 mm; Resolution: 0.15-0.40 mm vertically)
  • If not, scale your model properly.

Minimum Wall Thickness

  • Does your 3D model have the required wall thickness for the 3D printer you are using?
  • Use NetFabb Basic to check the wall thickness.
  • The minimum thickness of a layer is 0.1 mm for Replicator 2X and 0.15-0.4mm for Afinia.

Raft / Support

  • The model with an overhang over 45 degrees will require a raft.
  • A model may also need to be printed with a support as the base.
  • Raft /Support can be added in the MakerBot 3D printer setting.
  • Raft / Support will require more plastic and make the printing time longer.
  • Raft / Support should be carefully removed from the model once it is printed.

Funding Notice

Modernization projects such as the Innovation Space initiative are made possible by the generosity of donors through the UMB Foundation. If you would like to support projects such as these please visit or contact us at (410) 706-7545.