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3D Printing at the Innovation Space: 5. 3D Printing with the Afinia H480

How-To Guide for 3D Printing

4. 3D Printing with the Afinia H480

Power up the Afinia

  1. Turn on the Afinia using the toggle switch in the back:

Start the Afinia 3D application

  1. Using the computer connected to the Afinia, start the Afinia 3D application by clicking on its task bar icon:

Prepare the printer for printing

  1. Select "Initialize" under the "3D Print" menu:

If you need to load new filament or change filament rolls

  1. After initializing the printer, select "Maintenance" under the "3D Print" menu:

  2. Click the "Extrude" button to warm up the printer and extrude out a little bit of filament. You'll hear a beep when the printer has warmed up and is ready to extrude.

  3. Once the printer stops extruding (after about 20 seconds), click the "Withdraw" button to withdraw the filament out of the printer. You'll hear a beep when the printer has warmed up and is ready to withdraw.

  4. Load the new roll onto the printer with filament rotating in a clockwise fashion:

  5. Press the "Extrude" button. When the print head warms up enough and starts to run, guide the filament end into the Afinia printer head:

  6. Close out of the "Maintenance" dialog window once the printer stops extruding in about 20 seconds.


Load Your .STL file in the application

  1. Select "Open" from the "File" menu, then use the File Explorer to browse your computer to select your .stl file:

  2. Move, rotate, scale your object on the build plate as needed using the appropriate action buttons:


Run a print preview

  1. When ready to print, select "Print Preview" under the "3D Print" menu:

  2. Configure your print options accordingly:

  3. Click the "Preferences" button to set further print options:

  4. Press "OK" to run a print preview:

Run a print job

  1. If the print preview info looks good, click "Print" under the "3D Print" menu:

  2. Press OK (your settings from the print preview will be applied):

Funding Notice

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